Don't Run Out of Hot Water

We do water heater installation work in the Evansville, IN area

Can't get any hot water when it's time for a shower? Your water heater may be at fault. DrainCo Plumbing Services proudly provides water heater installation services in the Evansville, IN area. Whether your water heater makes odd noises or you simply don't have any hot water, we'll take care of your system.

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Our water heater replacement process

When you need water heater installation services, trust our professionals to do the job correctly. We'll:

  • Turn your water off and drain your lines and heater
  • Disconnect and remove your water heater safely
  • Install your new heater and connect it to your system

After we connect your new heater, we'll run water through it to make sure it's working properly. Have a question about our tankless water heater installation services? Speak with our owner today.

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