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Kraus USA revolutionizes conventional homes by manufacturing attainable, dynamic plumbing centerpieces & accessories that evoke the peace and luxury of European spas. Beyond the striking appearance of our products, Kraus applies a rigorous creative approach to our entire business process. From our elite group of Euro-centric designers to our handpicked components and state-of-the-art machining facility, we manage a highly efficient system to ensure endless value for our customers. With a passion for design and deep commitment to functionality and dependability, we work tirelessly to ensure that each Kraus product is finished flawlessly. Our warehouse facility also hosts our customer service center, allowing our support team to have accurate, on-demand information about products and inventory. With our mantra of “Endless Creativity” Kraus continues to transform interior spaces through striking design, and time-tested quality.Kraus faucet


Kraus USA, headquartered in Port Washington New York, takes pride in manufacturing unique and impactful kitchen and bathroom products that redefine interior spaces. Deeply rooted in European tradition, Kraus was created to uphold timeless principles of craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Inseparably intertwined with these values, we dominate the market in aesthetic variety as we change the conventional perception of plumbing fixtures from static pieces of hardware to dynamic and exciting centerpieces of sophistication and style.

At the root of our beliefs, we hold that relaxation is paramount and that your bathroom should be your private spa. Our lifestyle-enhancing products elevate your space and radiate a sense of elegant design.
Our line of bathroom products features stunning forms that cover the full range of aesthetics from traditional to transitional and ultra modern.
We curate a variable portfolio to appeal to every taste with exceptional quality and competitive value. Whether your vision is a country cottage or a fashionable urban-chic space, you will find the perfect piece in our broad assortment of flawless finishes and exquisite shapes.

Many modern kitchen and bathroom innovations were developed from the creativity and ingenuity of our predecessors and we owe a great deal of our success to their pioneering spirit. The plumbing fixture industry
is founded on long-standing traditions and demands perfect adherence
to technical standards. After years of exponential growth, we became the leading brand to successfully bridge the gap from industrial-age production into global, digital-age manufacturing. To obtain the finest materials, technology and support we implement a carefully calculated enterprise resource planning system. This advantageously allows us to offer upper echelon products at a competitive delivered cost.Our products are thoughtfully conceived to be refined compositions of beauty with undisputed value.

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