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Hydromatic has been a national leader in the wastewater pump industry since 1959. Today, Hydromatic continues to design and manufacture one of the most extensive and diversified lines of submersible wastewater sump, sewage, effluent, grinder and large solids handling pumps for the municipal, commercial and residential wholesaler market sectors. We market our products to the professional, exclusively—a business philosophy we’ve proudly maintained in our nearly half century of continuing leadership.


Comprehensive engineering, testing and production processes ensure that Hydrom pumps will continue to be the most reliable and efficient in the wastewater industry. R&D, customer-certified testing and unmatched quality assurance standards give you the confidence that our pump installations will give your customers the performance they demand. Our commitment is to provide advanced engineering innovations for you and your business. It also guarantees Hydromatic pumps will perform as dependably and reliably in the future as they have for years.

Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems

Backup battery sump pump systems are available in different configurations to suit your existing sump system. They provide the security of a complete additional sump pump as well as additional pumping capacity in the event your main pump cannot keep up; or the simplicity of a single pump with battery backup operation in the case of power outage..

Key Features

  • Automatically Charges The Battery
  • A+ System Uses A Single Model B-A1 or BV–A1 Pump Where Pit Space Is At A Premium
  • FG-100A & FG-200A Each Include A Separate DC-powered Pump and Switch Providing Additional Backup In Case of Main Pump or Switch Failure
  • Indicator Lights Show Status of System At All Times
  • Electronics Are Fan-Cooled For Maximum Efficiency and Reliability
  • Powder Coated Electronics Enclosure for Maximum Durability and Corrosion Resistance
  • A+ System Automatically Checks for Restored Power in the AC Line Every 5 Minutes
  • FG-100A & FG-200A Systems Operate Any Time Their Switch Is Activated, Whether AC Power Is On or Not
  • Battery Sold Separately


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