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If you think that you may have a gas leak in your home, it should be something that you address immediately. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous as the smallest spark can cause a huge explosion in the building, resulting devastating fire damage. Do not attempt to solve these problems yourself, as natural gas leaks should only be repaired by a licensed and insured professional like DrainCo Services. Not having a gas leak fixed properly will put you, your family, employees, and neighbors in extreme danger as your entire building will be a serious fire hazard.

If you start to notice a foul smell around your home or business, similar to rotten eggs, this could be a sign of a gas leak. Natural Gas alone is odorless, but when it is sourced to homes and businesses, that foul odor is artificially added so that occupants know when gas is leaking. Also, if your gas powered appliances seem to be not as powerful as they normally are, or they are not functioning properly, this also may be a sign of a gas leak. Not only will this create the dangerous situation of a fire hazard, you will notice that your energy bills will begin to skyrocket. If you start noticing either of these scenarios, or anything else that may have you wondering if you have a gas leak, call us to come and inspect your gas line to make sure any leaks are sealed.

Do not make the mistake of trying to address repairing a gas line yourself. You may be creating an extremely hazardous situation for anyone who enters your home or business. Also, if you are operating a business, gas leaks will put you in direct violation of the building safety and health codes in your state. Violating such laws could result in heavy fines and loss of operating licenses. Call us today for expert gas leak detection and repair and protect yourself, family, employees and property from hazardous gas exposure.

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